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51 Lindleys Lane
Kirkby-in-Ashfield Nottinghamshire
NG17 8AB   England


Etang Canet          03120 St Christophe   France

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Kennel Info:

Breeders since 2001.

Members of the LCGB.

Our dogs come from German lines.

We have already imported 3 dogs into this country from new, German lines.

Big, healthy puppies.

All puppies professionally temperament tested.

Excellent hip, eye and elbow scores.

Many of our puppies now specialise in carting, water training, obedience and agility.




Our Kennel

We take our responsibility as breeders extremely seriously. That is why you'll find that we are members of the Leonberger Club of Great Britain and abide fully with their code of ethics. In a nutshell, this means that...

- our dogs are kept to the highest standards of animal welfare. Aside from anything they are a part of our family, and are treated as such!

- our dogs have a full medical health check to ensure that they are physically sound before even being considered for breeding. All of our dogs are temperament tested. You are more that welcome to check any of the paperwork.

- we are incredibly conscientious in finding homes for our puppies. Please don't be offended if we ask you some searching questions, but we want to ensure that we find the right home for our puppies, who we care deeply about.

- if for whatever reason things don't work out, we will personally undertake the rehoming of your puppy. This proves to you that we don't place puppies with just anyone, and to date, we have had 0 returned puppies.

- we will offer you advice for the lifetime of your puppy.

We have been breeding the dog since 2001, and in that time have had over ___ litters. Our experience of the breed, puts us in an excellent position to offer help and advice to those new to the breed, and our commitment to improving the breed through the use of new, imported blood lines makes us an equally good choice for the experienced owner with a view to breeding or showing themselves.

Our puppies grow up in our home (literally, in our front room!) in the hustle and bustle of family life. This usually means that at the age of 8 weeks you will inherit a well adjusted puppy, ready to face the challenges ahead of them. We take socialisation extremely seriously, (which is especially important for giant-breed dogs) and can offer you advice on how to continue our work after you receive your puppy.