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Kennel Info:

Breeders since 2001.

Members of the LCGB.

Our dogs come from German lines.

We have already imported 4 dogs into this country from new lines.

Big, healthy puppies.

All puppies professionally temperament tested.

Excellent hip, eye and elbow scores.

Many of our too puppies now specialise in carting, water training, obedience and agility.




Latest News

8 February 2013 - There are more photos of Jantonely Luna Lilan (Lilan), J. Little Magic, J. Lowen Savannah and J. Love is Amos (Amos).   The pedigrees for J. Kinda Wandaful (Wanda), J. Jucy Lucy (Lucy), J. Jezabelle (Bella) and Cleon Myzella Morganite at Jantonely (Morgan) are now linked on their individual pages.  We are happy to welcome Melauda Wishmaker at Jantonely (Codah) into our kennel.  You can click on his name to view photos and current information for Codah.  We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Vicky Cuerden (Animal Behaviourist/Psychologist/Trainer) for all her help and ongoing support with Codah - we want you to know how much we appreciate all you're doing for us and of course Codah :-)

2 February 2013 -  Although belated, we'd like to wish you all a very happy new year.  Hope you and your families had a great festive season.  It was a hectic time for us, full on, after the arrival of the puppies on the 20 November 2012.  They were completely adorable and have now all gone to their new homes.  They have their own pages now, so you can watch them as they grow.  Thank you to their new owners for the updates so far, please keep them coming.  Jantonely Indian Sky's page (Sky), has been updated with her elbow score.  J Jezabelle (Bella) has had all her health tests done with excellent results too :-)  Enjoy and come back again soon :-D

10 November 2012 -   We're all sooooo excited here - it's countdown for the puppies.  They're due around next Sunday, 18 November.  The little baby collars have been ordered and should be here on Tuesday :-D  Been keeping extra busy doing the website updates.  Hope you like them all.  Please keep sending in your photos.  The latest updates are to the 'dogs' page and 'links' page, plus loads of new photos too look at.  As normal click on the names it'll take you to them.  Leonskall's Lionheart (Merlin), Jantonely Hooray Henry (Henry), J. Jibba Jabber (Bhodi, J. Juicy Fruit (Holly), J Gypsy Princess (Keira), J Jabberwocky (Chester), J. Dirty Diana (Vala), Cleon Myzella Morganite at Jantonely (Morgan), J. Joe Bloggs (Rusty), J. Humpty Dumpty (Logan), J Fatal Attraction (Hera), J. Jezabelle (Bella), J Kinda Wandaful (Wanda), J. Ceeda Yogi (Yogi), J. Dilly Dally  (Safie), J. Bigfoot Amber (Amber) - enjoy :-D

6 November 2012 - We are on countdown now for the puppies eeeek, only 2 more weeks, sooo excited.  All that puppy breath and snuggles coming our way.  To keep you occupied in the meantime look at some new photos/pages of our doggies.  Click on their on names to view.  Jantonely Jezabelle (Bella), J. Darling Beatrice (Bea), J. Kinda Wandaful, (Wanda), J Fatal Attraction (Hera), Caspar H Bora z Miloticek at Jantonely (Caspar)Bavaruki Dishy Diesel (Diesel) and Cleon Myzella Morganite at Jantonely (Morgan) - hope you like them!

5 November 2012 -  More J litter photos added.  Click on names to see photos.  Jantonely Juicy Lucy (Lucy), J Juicy Fruit (Holly). Photos of our Izzy's brother J. Lilac Charm (Mac) :-)

28 October 2012  -  J litter pages added.  Click on names for photos of Jantonely Jezabelle (Bella)J. Juicy Lucy (Lucy), J. Juicy Fruit (Holly), J. Jabberwocky (Chester), J. Jesterminute (Cooper), J. Jibba Jabber (Bhodi) on his 2nd birthday - earlier ones to come soon! Photo of J. Hunky Monkey (Yogi) at his first hydrotherapy session:-)

24 October 2012 - Ok, all of you can now pick yourselves up off the floor with shock.  Yes the website is being updated again for the first time in ages :-)

We have a new email address and landline phone number on the 'Contact Us' page.

Great news for us that Enya is pregnant with Henry babies.  The scan shows at least 8 puppies - ooooo can't wait for a puppy fix, just love their breath :-D

I'll be uploading some photos of our Izzy's siblings soon, along with others I've had from our other puppy owners!

Come back soon for more lovely Leo photos and news :-)