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Kennel Info:

Breeders since 2001.

Members of the LCGB.

Our dogs come from German lines.

We have already imported 3 dogs into this country from new, German lines.

Big, healthy puppies.

All puppies professionally temperament tested.

Excellent hip, eye and elbow scores.

Many of our too puppies now specialise in carting, water training, obedience and agility.




Latest News

16 November 2010 -  Firstly we'd like to wish all our 'I' Litter babies a happy first birthday for tomorrow - this includes our own female Sky.  That year went faster than ever, can't believe they're one already!

There are 6 new international websites to view, of Leonberger breeders based in the UK, Holland and France.  You can find their details on the 'Links' page.

On the 'J' Litter Photo' page, you can see a short video of Molly x Bohdan puppies, 17 days old, at the milk bar:-)  The puppies are all doing really well, putting weight on nicely.  They're just starting to potter around the whelping area, starting to play with one another, barking and squeaking as they go - soooo funny!

1 November 2010 - Lots of news - The puppies of Molly and Bohdan were born on 29 October 2010.  They are the Jantonely 'J' litter.  The first 4 puppies were born naturally and the other 3 by caesarean section.  Molly and puppies are doing well, she has lots of milk and the pups are gaining weight nicely.......more photos will be published over time so that you can watch them grow and play!

We are in the process of having all of our dogs we use and/or plan to use for breeding, blood tested for the LPN1 gene.  So far we've received pleasing results so far.  The dogs tested are Enya, Caspar, Merlin, Sky and BeaBohdan and Molly's blood samples are being sent to Bern for testing this week - their results will be published as soon as they are received.  Normally the results are back in about 4 weeks, or thereabouts!  Jantonely Honey Bunny (Tafaya) who lives in Holland has also been tested - her result is on her own page. 

Our puppies always have restrictions on their KC registration documents.  These restrictions are lifted following relevant health testing with satisfactory results.  We consider ourselves to be responsible breeders and as such have decided that these tests should now incorporate the genetic blood test for the LPN1 gene.  Therefore, any restrictions will not be lifted without these tests being carried out.

27 July 2010 - Merlin arrived here safe and sound and has settled in very well.  There are some new photos of him on his page. All of the dogs love their new playmate.  It's proved just a little warm for him, being 30+ degrees in France recently.  He's staying cool with regular hosing down.  His favourite way of staying cool is to put his feet in the water bowl whilst drinking - then sharing the water in his mouth with all around him.  Totally typical Leonberger behaviour.

He's very confused at the minute because Enya is in season.  He's going around all of the females trying to bonk them and being told off for his efforts.

Tony took Sky, Molly and Caspar to the East of England Championship on Friday 9 July.  Sky was awarded 1st place in a class of 3.  Apparently she was a real little fidget - she'll get used to it with a bit more training.  We are really pleased as this was her 1st show and she's now qualified for Crufts March 2011.  Molly was in a class of 6 and was placed 2nd - another Crufts qualifier.  She is just so easy to show and loves it, such an adorable character.  Caspar wasn't placed in his class.  That's not unusual for him in the UK.  Sometimes they like him, sometimes they don't.  However, he's already qualified for Crufts for life as he has his stud book number.  It's going to be a busy time for us in March at the NEC.

Tony travelled to France Friday night (9 July) and took the same 3 dogs to the Championnat du France show in Paris, on Saturday 10 July.  Caspar was awarded excellent, so was MollySky went on to be awarded best young.

Thanks to our friends Metha and Hein who took Sky to the Spanish Leonberger Club Show on Saturday 24 July.  Sky again won 1st place in her class.  Then went on to take Best Puppy in breed.  Not bad for her first 3 shows!

25 June 2010 - As I'm typing this update Tony is travelling from Sweden with our new import puppy, Merlin.  His kennel name is Leonskall's Lionheart.  We are really excited about our new addition.  He will give us increased diversity in our breeding plans.

Many thanks to Kathy Karlsson at Leonskall's for allowing us to have Merlin.  We promise to take good care of him and love him lots.

We would also like to thank Eija Kallio of Naavakallion Leonbergers, Finland.  Eija kindly gave Tony a lift from Sweden to Denmark, as she travelled from Finland through Sweden, to the world dog show in Denmark.  Last but not least, thanks to Metha Stramer and Hein Sibrijns for agreeing to bring Merlin back home with them from Denmark.  Metha and Hein live about 20kms away from us in France. 

After the world dog show in Denmark, Tony will be travelling back to the UK with Noora Ahokas and her partner Chris............thank you so much for your help.

I can't wait until Merlin gets here.

The links page has been updated to include - Leonskall's Kennel in Sweden, Naavakallion Leonbergers in Finland. 

2 June 2010 - Well we've been pretty busy.  We've had 2 grandchildren arrive in the last 2 months.  They are doing really well and are receiving lots of attention, as you'd expect! 

On the doggy front, we've added new photos of Jantonely Indian Sky (Sky), J. Indrani (Iva)J Heaven Sent (Beau) and J. Casius Clay (BJ)

Take a look at the Plans page for details of our puppy plans this year.  You will see that we are looking to use Bohdan on 2 of our girls.  Bohdan is a stunning boy and we are wanting to keep a puppy from him.  Keep coming back for the latest information on this. 

If you are a regular visitor you will notice that Bumble has been removed from the bitches page - don't worry nothing's happened to her.  She is still living with her family, but we decided to retire her from breeding.

We've also moved Poppy from the bitches page and put her on the Memoriam page - that was a distressing task.  Can't believe she's been gone nearly a year already:-(  It felt very disloyal - she is missed so much. Especially her matronly no nonsense approach with the puppies.  Oh and our Baer really misses her cleaning his face and ears ;-)  She fancied the pants off him and would have had his babies in an instant.                                                                                     

2 March 2010 -  On the 9 January we went to the Paris Dog Show.  We had a great day with Caspar - he was awarded 3rd place in Open Male.  We met lots of new people in the Leo circle.  The following weekend we attended the Bordeaux Dog Show.  Again, Caspar did us proud - he was 1st in Open Male; was awarded CAC & RCACIB.  We also took Jantonely Go On My Son (Myson) with us to Bordeaux - he achieved 2nd place in Intermediate Male.  So we came away really very satisfied

The Jantonely 'I' Litter page has been updated.  There are individual pages for each of the puppies.  Jantonely I Love Charlie (Charlie), J. Indian Sky (Sky), J. Indian Summer (Xanthe) and J. Indrani (Iva)

There is a new photo of J. Honey Bunny (Tafaya).  She has now been officially exported to Holland.  She will be undergoing the tests required in Holland prior to being used for breeding.  Hope all goes well for her and her owner Mirella de Jonge.

Like everybody else we're looking forward to Crufts - Caspar and Molly are entered.  Molly won't be going as she may be pregnant.   She'll be scanned in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed.  Watch out for an update on that subject.

J. Dirty Diana (Vala) will be at Crufts doing her bit in the obedience section.  She is an absolute credit to her owners.

We look forward to meeting up with friends old and new during Crufts. 

2 January 2010 - We hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas time and enjoyed the festivities of New Year's Eve.  Ours was quiet and spent with our family and Leos.  The dogs and puppies have adored the snow.  They'll only come back indoors when absolutely forced due to cold paws.

We're anxiously waiting for Izzy's scan, which is booked for Monday around mid-day.  The result will be posted here as soon as possible.

Enya & Caspar's puppies are doing really well.  Click here for the latest photos.  At 6 weeks old the smallest 2 were 7kgs and the other 2 were 8.1 & 8.6kgs...... There is 1 female available.  The litter were booked prior to birth, but a couple of people decided to wait for a male from our next litter.  So, if you are interested in giving her a wonderful forever home please get in touch.

There are new photos of Jantonely Heaven Sent (Beau), J. Huggy Bear (Huggy), J. Dirty Diana (Vala), J. Humpty Dumpty (Logan), J. Honey Bunny (Tafaya), and a new page added for Jantonely Flash Gordon (Flame)

We are proud to announce that Jantonely Daydreamer (Ellie) has qualified as a PAT dog, congratulations to her owners, well done.

Karen and Kev, the owners of Vala and Logan have our greatest respect for the work they've done with their Leos.  Vala and Logan are now blood donors for their local vets.  The dogs have already been called upon a few times to give blood for dogs which have been involved in road traffic accidents.  We can only assume that those people and their animals are eternally grateful to you all :-)))

There's a new link to the Barralban LeonbergersJantonely French Fancy (Bramble) lives at the Barralban Leonberger kennel with her owners Anne & Simon Cook.  The website is well worth a visit, lots of doggie wares to look at too.

7 December 2009 - Firstly, apologies for uploading the last 2 news updates at the same time.  We've had issues with our laptop which contains all of the website files.  

You will find the latest photos of the Jantonely 'I' Litter, which were taken on Sunday 6 December, when they were just 19 days old.  Their weights are now between 2.9 and 3.5 kg. Enya is doing a sterling job with them, a very attentive mum.

Tony is in France at the moment.  He has taken Izzy to Akoya-Sigalou du Temple d'Artemis.  So far so good - there was a mating on Saturday, with a 15 minute tie and another one on Sunday, with a 12 minute tie.  We think they make a fabulous couple, quite similar in type.

21 November 2009 - Enya and Caspar's babies arrived on Tuesday, 17 November.  There are 3 girls and 1 boy in the Jantonely 'I' Litter

Enya must be producing some sort of super gold topped milk, as the pups are putting weight on like there's no tomorrow.  I suppose it helps that there are 4 puppies with a choice of 9 teats - and oh boy are they making the most of it. 

At birth the smallest puppy was 480g and now weighs 670g.  The largest was 610g and now weighs 870g.  That a weight gain of 190g and 260g respectively.

Enya handled the birth so well, we are really proud of her.  She has quickly adapted to being a mum.  The first day or two she was a little bit clumsy, but now she's absolutely superb, bless her little furry paws :o)

Sadly, we did have another female puppy which was still-born.  It's really sad for us.  In all the years we've been breeding this is only the 2nd puppy we've lost at birth. 

29 October 2009 - The excitement is mounting here - Enya is pregnant with Caspar babies.  Can't wait for the patter of tiny paws and the smell of puppy breath.  We have plenty of people on the waiting list for the puppies.  Some have been waiting for 2 years for a puppy, since the first time they met Enya.  You can't help but fall for her good looks and wonderful character.  She's a little sweetheart.

Caspar made us very proud again.  At Cluny, France, on 18 October he took 2nd place in Open Male, with RCACS.  Such a big class with 82 dogs in attendance.  Our French friends were stood very close to the judges as they discussed him.  Apparently, it was a very close call that he was not placed 1st.  He is such a placid, laid-back dog.  He is very loving and easy to live with.  

You will find some new photos of Jantonely Firefly (Chewie), when he was much younger.  Also recent photos of J. Honey Bunny (Tafaya), at her home in Holland.  She was previously known as Tilly.

27 September 2009 - Well, our males are starting to pay lots of attention to Izzy.  Fingers crossed, that usually means that her season is imminent.  We have a nice French male lined up for her, ooo la la.  Watch this space for new developments.

We've entered 3 of our dogs into the French Club show at Cluny, France.  We'll see what the judges think to Caspar, Molly and Bea.  Hopefully we'll be able to catch up with friends old and new.

There are new photos of Jantonely Acushla (Charlotte), at 8 years old.......looking good there 'Beefy' - that's what her mum calls her.   Some new photos of our Izzy and Molly.  Other photos include ones of J. Firefly (Chewie), J. Heavensent (Beau) & J. Hunky Monkey (Yogi)

Vectiseleon Chione (Storm) has been confirmed in pup - the sire is our Caspar.  If you are interested in a puppy from this litter please contact Wendy, Storm's owner, on 0115 916 2461.  For details of Storm's pedigree, check it out on the Vectiseleon website.

Sadly, Emma (Anallthatjaz Ella Fitz) reabsorbed her babies - we hope there's better luck at her next season.

I'm going to take this opportunity to have little dig at the Jantonely 'F' litter owners.....WHERE ARE THOSE PHOTOS YOU PROMISED ME?????  Such a big litter and soooo few photos.

28 August 2009 - Lots of new photos for you to take a look at.  They are of Jantonely Firefly (Chewie), J. Daydreamer (Ellie), J. Golden Harvest (Victor), J. Go my Son (Myson), and our Czech boy Bohdan.  There are some photos on our other computer, but I'm having trouble retrieving them at the minute, so bear with me on that one.

There are new 'Links' - one to the Leonti Leonbergers website.  You can find details of Emma (Anallthatjaz Ella Fitz), who is expecting puppies mid September.  The daddy is our Caspar.  He has recently covered Storm (Vectiseleon Chione).  Storm will be scanned mid September.  For the litter with Storm, contact Wendy on 0115 916 2461 or Penny at Vectiseleon Leonbergers, detailed also on 'Links' page.

We'd like to congratulate J. Humpty Dumpty (Logan) for passing his KC Good Citizens Gold Award when he was just 7 months old, fabulous going.  Well done Karen, you'll be running your own training classes soon at this rate ;-) 

Hip and elbow scores came back for J. Groovy Molly (Molly).  We are absolutely delighted at the results - hips 2:2, elbows 0:1.  She's an absolutely delightful female with a superb temperament.  Molly is doing really well on the showing front, being consistently placed and having qualified for Crufts 2010.

You have no doubt read from the front page that we lost our Poppy recently.  She was 11 years & 8 months when she died.  Although it's a great age, it doesn't make losing her any easier.  She was always called Poppy Puppy, right from the first day we bought her home.  Later in life she was called Poppy Puppy, but also, very affectionately, 'The Old Bag', depending on how she was behaving on the day.  We loved her dearly and miss her enormously.........:'-((

5 April 2009 - There are new photos of Jantonely Addicted to Love (Otto) in his 'red nose day' outfit;-))  Jantonely Apple of My Eye (Bex), Jantonely Cheeky Monkey (Bumble),  Jantonely Dirty Diana (Vala), Jantonely Galileo (Juno), Jantonely Huggy Bear (Huggy). 

New pages and photos for, Jantonely Bumble Bee (Sofie), Jantonely Chantilly Lace (Maya), Jantonely Cherry Brandy (Layla), Jantonely Casius Clay (BJ), Jantonely Charlie Chaplin (Max), Jantonely Daydreamer (Ellie) and Jantonely Dawn til Dusk (Lightning) who has recently become a mother - congratulations to Mandy, Grant, Jamie and Bradley, at Leonmoor, the owners of Lightning.

Molly (Jantonely Groovy Molly), eyes were tested on Friday, 3 April 2009.  We're pleased to announce that all was clear.  She was also hip and elbow scored yesterday.  The results should be with us in the next 4-6 weeks.

15 March 2009 -  Wow, what a time we've had lately.  As you can see we had some fabulous success at the French show in Montlucon.  Caspar won CAC, CACIB, BOB, Group 2, and finally 3rd Best in ShowTilly (Jantonely Honey Bunny) won Best Puppy in Breed.  Myson (Jantonely Go On My Son from Arcanine) won Best Young in Breed.  We are soooo proud.  There were just in excess of 2800 dogs entered for the overall competition!!  We want to say a massive thank you to the judges who obviously thought so highly of our dogs - Monsieur Jean-Jacques Dupas (Breed and Best in Show judge) and Madame Christiane Lafay (Group judge). 

At the beginning of March we were all set to show Caspar, Enya and Izzy at Crufts.  True to form both females came in season - typical.  However, we were pleased to be able to take Caspar.  We were very happy with his award - Reserve (4th) place in Limit Dog.  We were pleased that the judge, Celia Peters, liked him, thanks Celia!

Logan (Jantonely Humpty Dumpty) has passed his Silver Good Citizen's award at just 6 months of's that for dedication from his owners - well done Karen & Kev.

Otto (Jantonely Addicted to Love) became his local supermarket mascot recently (one of the biggest supermarket chains around)  He donned his Red Nose T-shirt and raised 228 pounds for comic relief - way to go Otto. Oh and I haven't gone mad, the pound sign's not working on this damn laptop ;-)))

Bea failed to have a proper season - hence no mating announced.  We'll try again next time.  On a good note our Izzy has been mated by Bohdan.  The pattering of tiny paws soon we hope.

7 February 2009 - All of our dogs and bitches page's have been updated with new photos and all of their current health test results.  There's a new page for MollyBea's page at last has content too ;-)) 

Photos have been added to the F, G & H Litter pages - some old ones too. 

31 January 2009 - First of all we'd like to wish everybody a very Happy & Prosperous New Year.  We want to keep you all up to date with the latest news and achievements at Jantonely, it seems much easier to do this through a 'Latest News' here goes.

Congratulations to Jantonely Addicted to Love (Otto) and Jantonely Dirty Diana (Vala) for qualifying as PAT (Pets As Therapy) dogs. Well done to their owners Sue & Norman Elliot (Otto) and Karen & Kev Doherty (Vala), keep up the good work.  We can't tell you how proud we are of you all.

Karen & Kev also have Jantonely Humpty Dumpty (Logan).  He has just become the youngest member at their dog training class to achieve his KC Good Citizen's Bronze Award.  All this at the tender age of just 5 months!!

Caspar now has his Stud Book Number -  4477CT.  Under current KC rules, he is qualified for Crufts for life.  We will be at the show on Sunday 8 March, with Izzy, Enya, and Caspar.  It'll also give us the opportunity to catch up with friends old and new.  Normally it's a very hectic but wonderful day.  Don't forget your 'flexible friends' as there's loads of shopping to be done.

Caspar mated with a very nice female just over a week ago.  Her name is  Anallthatjaz Ella Fitz (Emma).  If you are interested in a puppy from this mating please contact Rose & Terry Walker on (01538)722860 (Staffordshire area)

Bea should be coming in season at the end of March.  So hopefully we can look forward to a nice summer time litter.  Enya and Bumble should be in season later in the year, Autumn time.